A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

- Lao tzu


I often get asked "Why did you quit your dream job to become a coach and trainer?"


The answer is rather simple: GRATITUDE


Nothing fulfills me professionally like hearing back from the people which lives I touched to thank me for adding value to their lives. Sometimes is a student that graduated from the career that fits their areas of strength; or a professional that got promoted for improving as a leader; even sometimes an entrepreneur that was finally able to connect with their employees by becoming the leader they always dreamed having...

I am passionate about helping others succeed

The content of what I teach alone won’t change your life, but one think I can promise you is that in every session you will get 100% of my passion, insights and resources that I have collected in numerous trainings in over 40 cities in 14 countries so you can awaken that fire inside of you that will take you, your profession and your business to the next level.


My name is Jimmy Battaglia and I can’t wait to embark this journey together.

Different perspectives make a greater view

In my professional career I have been:

The Advertising Agency and the Client 

The marketing Intern and the Head of the department

The Student, the student agent and the school representative

The new immigrant and the coach for new immigrants

The employee and the entrepreneur

The coachee and the coach...

Experiencing both sides of the coin has allowed me to better understand the needs of my clients and their teams and therefore focus the content creating in the best possible for reaching their hearths.


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Toronto, Canada


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